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A Knowledge Organiser is a key document in supporting learning. Each one identifies the key vocabulary and information that children should know by the end of the topic/ unit of work. Suggestions are made about how the children may best learn applying the skills that are relevant to a subject. Knowledge Organisers are used as a means of helping retaining and recalling knowledge through frequently low stakes quizzing throughout the teaching of the topic/ unit of work.

Knowledge Organisers at Bligh are being developed to support our carefully sequenced curriculum. They start start with knowledge children should already have previous learning. Knowledge Organisers are supported by written quizzes that are used to gauge children’s understanding and recall of essential vocabulary and information at the end of a topic/unit of work. Any gaps in children’s learning are therefore identified and are able to be addressed so that the next stage in their learning has firm foundations.


Bligh History KO - The Gunpowder Plot 1

Bligh History KO - The Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle Y5

Bligh History KO - Romans Y4

Bligh History KO - Stone Age to Iron Age Y3