Dear Parents and Carers, 

We hope you had a lovely Summer break and that you are looking forward to the new school term with enthusiasm.

Last year the Trust became established within the school, Christian Markham completed his first year as our new Headteacher, and the new members of the Local Governing Board became familiar with the school, the pupils and parents.  We were particularly pleased to see the new school values and the behaviour policy introduced and put into good practice, and we are sure the fruits of this endeavour will be seen in a calm, focused atmosphere within the school.  

This year the Local Governing Board becomes the Local Advisory Committee, with the same remit, but the name is more reflective of our roles.  We are also very pleased to welcome Mr Hunt, one of our Year 5 teachers, as the new staff member of the committee.  

We are looking forward to this year where the pupils will achieve their potential by staff and parents working together to ensure the best outcomes for the children.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs. Kathy Moon, Committee Chair

On behalf of the Bligh Local Advisory Committee 


Part of the Barnsole Primary Trust.  Minutes of the Local Advisory Committee's meetings can be viewed by email request.  Please direct your request to Rachelle Stevens - Clerk to the Board of Trustees at 

For any urgent information, please contact the Clerk to the Local Advisory Committee, Mrs Baldwin, by emailing 

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