Bligh Primary School




Dear Parents and Carers, 


I know all of you will be experiencing the effects of the lockdown due to Covid-19, and the more recent children’s return to school, with all of the accompanying social distancing and student bubbles. We have been very grateful for the polite and sensible approach parents and carers have shown towards the new rules and processes put in place by the school, to ensure as much as possible the health of your children, yourselves and the staff. 


In addition, you will have been notified that Maritime Academy Trust and Bligh Primary Trust have joined forces. This merger will be a considerable benefit to our school, as we are able to access a wider pool of resources. We look forward to continued improvement in all aspects of school life, but particularly with the learning experience for your children. 


The Local Advisory Committee will now be known as the Local Academy Council [LAC] and we would like to thank Christian Markham, Head of School, and his staff for their hard work and ingenuity over the last few months, and we will continue to ensure that the school fulfils its duties and responsibilities to your children for the coming year. 


Yours sincerely,


Mrs. Kathy Moon


Contact: Chair, Local Academy Council, c/o Bligh Primary School, Bligh Way, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2  2XJ 


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