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Secondary ready


Bligh Primary School is very aware of the need to ensure that our children are 'Secondary Ready'. After gathering the views of other stakeholders including secondary head teachers, preparing our children for secondary school has become a strategic goal for our school.

This is in line with our strong belief that this will enhance our children's life choices beyond primary school and ultimately into adult life.


It is a given that secondary schools and other stakeholders expect our children to arrive at secondary school in year 7 with a good level of development in reading, writing and mathematics.

Beyond this, stakeholders expectations of curriculum coverage is less clear. Procedural knowledge rather than traditional knowledge or fact recall would seem to be of greatest use and importance. In terms of content, these transferable skills have the greatest impact on a smooth transition for children. This is not to say that we don’t expect depth of knowledge. We believe this is important. However, if a secondary school takes from 30 different feeder primary schools, with a range of different learning experiences, often determined by the confidence and specific skills of their primary school teacher, you can understand why they have to make the assumption that children have had limited experience of the full curriculum.

The common themes that help children make the best transition and are most important for ‘Secondary Ready’ are those children who;

  • Have had a range of different teachers in a variety of different subjects
  • Are well organised and take responsibility for their own equipment and needs
  • Are able to transition between different teaching styles and able to accept that teachers within the same day have varying expectations and teaching styles
  • Have high expectations and pride in their work
  • Have a sense of team achievement and thrive on rewards
  • Have had the opportunity to lead in some sense
  • Have good manners
  • Are able to distinguish between bullying and silly/annoying behaviour of others
  • Can stay in their seats and only move around when permission is given.
  • Focus on the procedural knowledge as well as national curriculum content

School actions.

The school has developed a 'Ready Strategy' for the whole school. This is explained fully in the ' Our School Structure' section.

This section focuses on the 'Secondary Ready' element.

We are not expecting our year 6 cohort in 2021-22 to be as ‘Secondary Ready’ as our 2023-24 cohort will be. This approach will have a three year lead in.

Action plan

Year group focus




 Year 4

 The children are all 'Ready & Maths Ready'.

There are high expectations of presentation.


 Children have some different teachers.


 Procedural knowledge is explicit in learning.


 Children self regulate, especially at transitions.


 Children have good manners.


 Children do not move around the classroom unless directed to do so.

 On arrival

Term 1


  By term 6


  End of year


  Term 1


Term 1


 Term 1

 Year 2 and year 3 teachers.

Class teacher




 Class teacher and subject lead.

 Class teacher, ELSA lead, inclusion team.

All staff


 Class teachers

 Year 5

 All the above and:

Children have a range of different teachers.


 Children have a progress and attainment award each term, presented in assembly.


 House points are used effectively as rewards.



Term 3


  Term 2


 Term 1




  Year group lead


Class teacher

 Year 6

All the above and:

Children have had or will have the opportunity to lead.


 Children have different teachers for the core subjects and some additional curriculum areas.


Children have their own equipment which they are responsible for.

The offer of extra curricular activities is broad and inclusive.




End of the year



  Term 3



  Term 3


Term 2








  Class teacher