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Pupil Voice

Our Pupil Parliament.

At Bligh, we are proud to have pupil representatives who promote our school vision and ethos within school and within our local community.

Our pupil parliament members are elected annually by their peers and are thus encouraged to voice the opinions and ideas of their fellow pupils, to promote a school community which fosters curiosity and develops school-wide collaboration. 

Meetings are held regularly and the minutes distributed through out the school including directly to Mr. Markham.

Our school council aims to encourage:

  • Representation of our school ethos and values
  • A safe, happy and fair learning environment
  • A structured opportunity for pupils to learn problem-solving skills
  • Responsibility towards the school and our local community

Peer mediators

As part of our schools commitment to enhancing communication skills of all our children, we train year 2- 6 Peer Mediators who are trained to work with their peers, to recognise conflict and sign post their peers to places to get help and support.

 Pupil voice- Teaching and learning

Once a term Mr. Markham speaks to members of each class in year 3-6. This is to find out more about the children's learning and how they feel about our school.