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Learning about the child


At Bligh we take the well-being of our children and all caregivers very seriously. We make sure we are fully informed about children’s welfare and circumstances so that we can support them in a variety of ways, making them feel safe and eager to learn in school.


Where possible each child has the opportunity to follow their interests and talents. We offer a wide range of clubs which we encourage our children to get involved with.

Prior learning

Whether a child has just joined the school or been here since reception, we always expect that a child’s prior learning and experiences are taken into account. This is further explored through retrieval practice as part of the schools pedagogy.

Barriers to learning

If any barriers to learning exist such as SEN, EAL, attendance or deprivation (as identified through PP), all staff are made aware and strategies and support is put in place to support learning.

From September 2023 (trialing in term 5 & 6 of 2023) there will be a whole school approach to child self regulation following the principles of 'Zones of Regulation'. This will support our children in managing their emotions.


We take time to find out about children’s attitude to their learning. We encourage the children to learn the ‘Bligh way’ by focusing on metacognition (The Gradual Release of Responsibility) when and where appropriate.

Parental engagement

We put a number of strategies in place to ensure that we have a good understanding of every child from those who know the children the best- the parents. Home visits take place in EYFS and when children join the school in year. We gather parent’s voice regularly through meetings and surveys. From the Autumn term 2023-24 all year groups will have home visits. The aim is to merge the line between school and home so that all stakeholders have a better understanding of each other.