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Maritime is a charitable education trust with schools across London and the South East.

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Learning Readiness

HEART Values.

Our vision is that our children will become mature, independent and self-confident members of society. They will have a sense of social justice, moral responsibility and an understanding that their choices and behaviour can affect local, national and global issues. Where appropriate, lessons at Bligh Primary will attempt to link to one of our key values. Bligh is a school with HEART (Honesty, Empathy, Achievement, Resilience and Teamwork). We believe that these virtues will help shape our children's lives beyond primary school and into adulthood.


PSHE is a foundation for all teaching in the classroom. Children are encouraged to share opinions in a respectful environment, where there may be no right or wrong, only opinions listen to and respect. Through this our children become critical thinkers and well rounded individuals.

Growth Mind-set

Our academic year starts with an opportunity for our children to explore what having a growth mind-set means and the benefits that it has for them as young learners. This concept runs through our learning and is explicitly seen in classroom feedback, assemblies and in children’s work.


We understand the importance of nurturing relationships and teaching our children the importance of healthy and safe relationships. Whether this be with their friends, peers or online, we recognise that this is a vital part of our children's social and emotional development. 


We acknowledge the importance of aspirations for our children and our community. We encourage all our children, during their time with us, to take on a leadership role of some kind. We believe this will develop the skills to lead in what ever field they choose later in life. Roles available range from prefects and house captains to peer mediators and the lunch time crew.