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How We Learn

Bligh Primary School follows a holistic pedagogical model for how children learn and therefore how we teach. It is based on simple principles of getting to know the children, engaging them in their learning and making learning fun. Most importantly, this is underpinned by a sound understanding of the science of learning.

We believe that the single greatest gift we can give our children is the ability to make choices about their own futures. We want them to make decisions about their futures that are not based on having to do things but rather having the ability to make choices about the things they do. We know the best way we can facilitate this is to ensure they have the best education possible.

We expect all our children to leave Bligh Primary School being ‘secondary ready’. This means they are literate and numerate to a high level and able to access a wide range of curriculum content and have cultural capital.

However, we expect much more than this!

We use our school’s pedagogical approach to ensure our children have the widest range of choices as they embark onto the next stage of their education.

Effective learners.

Our staff are trained and our teaching is embedded in scientific best practice. Our teachers don’t accept teaching in a certain way or doing things in a certain way just because it has always been done like that. They use ‘Understanding how we learn’ by Weinstein et al, to underpin their practice and use methods that are proved scientifically not anecdotally. This forms a large part of our staff’s annual professional development.

Early reading.

At Bligh we want all children to become fluent, skilled readers which gives them confidence to access learning and opens up so many opportunities to make positive choices about their future.

In essence we want them to be learning through reading as soon as is possible.

This begins right back in the earliest stages of a child’s education.

Our approach at Bligh is twofold.

1) We ensure all children are taught in a language and print rich environment and develop language through talk, listening to stories and rhymes. This supports the development of language, comprehension and an enjoyment of reading.
2) Children are taught to read by decoding using a synthetic systematic phonics program with direct teaching of word and sentence reading. The books children read are closely matched to the phonics they are learning.

This provides a secure foundation for children to move into Year 2 and the being of our ‘Reading Ready’ strategy.

Relevant curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed around three main principles that drive or curriculum intent.

We call them the three C’s.

  1. Community- We expect our children to understand where they live. We expect them to understand what the community has to offer them and what they can offer the community. We expect them to be proud of their community and value their place within it.
  2. Communication- We expect our children to be able to communicate their learning. We expect them to be able to explain how and why they have learnt something and are able, when possible, to use this learning in new circumstances. We expect our children to be able to communicate their emotions, to explain how they are feeling and why they are feeling that way. We expect them to regulate their emotions and learn techniques that aid their mental well-being.
  3. Collaborate- We expect our children to collaborate effectively. We expect them to resolve conflicts amicably, to accept different opinions and to understand that being part of a team can lead to greater success than as an individual.

Positive child characteristics.

We expect Bligh children to show our school values in all that they do. We expect them to be honest, to show empathy, to achieve the best they can, to show resilience and to work as part of a team. It is more than just being able to describe these values. It is about embedding them so firmly in our children that they take these virtues with them into adult life. We believe our values are the building blocks for positive and healthy relationships.

We believe that if we get these parts of our pedagogy right that our children we leave Bligh with the skills they need to make positive life choices. They will simply flourish.

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