OUR vISION, Mission and Values


Our Vision

To provide the best possible education for young people in Medway.

Our Mission:

To provide excellent school improvement in Medway.

Our Values:


The vision is underpinned by seven core values:


* To promote social mobility by ensuring there are no achievement gaps between groups of children, particularly the most disadvantaged;

* To provide an environment where each child feels happy, valued and safe;

* To provide each child with an entitlement that offers them the access to a curriculum which values their unique need, talent and skill;

* To value and develop staff to ensure they become the best possible professionals they can be;

* To target resources and time that leads to direct school improvement;

* To provide a holistic education working in partnership with parents, carers and the wider community;

* To recognise, value and maintain the unique identity of each school within its community 


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